Ten commandments of Shintoism

Ten commandments of Shintoism have the highest importance in this religion. Shintoism has ordered to follow these ten commandments. Which are very important for all the followers of Shintoism in Japan.

These are the ten commandments of Shinto Dharma:


1. Don’t behave against God’s will.

This is the first commandment of Shintoism that gives admonition to the followers that they respect the will of God. Everything in this universe is happening with his will.

2. Don’t forget your duties towards the ancestors.

Through this commandment, Shintoism talks about the devotees being dedicated to their ancestors. All the families should be fulfill their duties towards the ancestors with joy.

3. Don’t make others sad by violating state rules

The order of the emperor should be obeyed because all the orders are for the good of public. The violation of the rules of the state brings harm to the social structure and makes the people unhappy.

4. Do not forget the profound goodness of the gods, whose grace fades with calamity, misfortune and disease.

The purpose of this commandment of Shintoism is to motivate the followers to remain devoted to their gods. Happiness and prosperity in their kingdom and life only by the blessings of these deities.

5. Don’t forget that the whole world is a great family.

Through this message Shintoism tells the whole world is like a family, where all members live together without discrimination. It is like that the ideology of Hinduism, which states that “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the whole earth is a family)

6. Don’t forget your limitations as a human.

Through this order, the Shintoism makes the person aware of his limitations. Clearly warns human that you are not the only creature in this world. you must be survive according to the laws of nature.

7. Don’t ever get angry at anyone, though they are angry at you.

The feeling of resentment makes the person weak. This religious order teaches man that anger also makes the wise person indiscreet. Therefore, man should always stay away from the feeling of resentment, even if someone is angry with you.

8. Don’tbe idle in your work

This Shinto Order inspires human to continue on the path of Karma. Slothfulness makes the person slow. So do not be idle in your work. Finish your work quickly and carefully.

9. Don’t blame the teachings

Here Shintoism is advising followers that do not blame the teachings, rather try to make yourself a holy human being through education.

10. Do not fall in the temptation of foreign education

The purpose of this commandment is to advise the followers to avoid foreign education. It warn to them that foreign education will destroy the purity of Shinto religion. Foreign education will take you so far from your rituals and culture.


These are the ten commandments of Shintoism and teachings. It is mandatory to follow these commandments in this religion. To say this is that these commandments of Shintoism are the main elements of this religion. Also it can be said that these commandments are the life lines of Shinto Dharma.

Shintoism – the world’s third ancient religion in Japan


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