Religion and Spirituality are the most important elements of humanity


The meaning of spirituality is through studying the soul itself and the process of meditation. In fact, it is the process of finding itself. Sometimes humans find themselves trapped in the trap of fake bonds of the world. This is the reason that Human being never understands the reality of the soul of itself. When he starts to realize itself, then the journey is near to the end of life. Now he misses soul and divine, but now he has no time to understand his own soul, conscious mind and the divine, to enjoy spiritual life. That is why I believe that humans beings should continue to irrigate the plant of spiritualism which grows in their minds so that they do not have to repent in the last time of life. Religion and spirituality 

The first step of spirituality

Every creature has a subtle element of consciousness, which makes the creature feel progressive. Human constantly tries to find and understand himself, because human is one of the most progressive creatures of the universe, who knows that the process of finding himself is the first stage of his physical and spiritual development. There are three ways to study oneself, karma, knowledge, and yoga meditation, which make a person superior. With the influence of these, man starts walking on the path of progress by becoming a charitable and knowledgeable person. So this is the first step of spiritualism. Now the plant of spirituality has sprouted in the life of the human. From here, the human starts moving on the path of spirituality. His consciousness starts becoming more aware.

Because of consciousness, every human being is spiritual as an atheist, theist, and religious. In fact, spiritualism is a medium through which you study your mental form. You see your soul and belief’s element and you meditate.  And you get the feeling of ecstasy by spirituality. You get the knowledge of self and divine. Through spiritualism, your life’s journey becomes simple and successful. Ultimately, you become immaculate and pure and free from attachment and wealth traps.

Differences between Religion and spirituality

To be spiritual you do not need to be a follower of any religion, but to be religious, spirituality is very important or it can say that there is no religion without spiritualism.

The human can attain spiritual knowledge, apart from all religions, can awaken his consciousness, because spiritualism is directly related to man’s soul and conscious mind and not from any external divine power. In all religions, meditation, prayer and worship are usually done by keeping a divine power form in the center. In spiritualism, meditation is considered by taking the soul as divine.

As human beings, you can choose your religion and change your religion, but you can not choose your own soul. You can not change your consciousness. Because this is your actual form and it is not possible to change.

In almost all religions accepts that the soul is the divine. In the third verse of the eighth chapter of Hinduism’s main religious book, ‘Gita’ Lord Krishna has said that “अक्षरं ब्रह्मा परम स्वभावोऽध्यत्ममुच्यते (Akharm Brahma parama savbhavoadhyatamuchayte)” means that Brahma (the soul) is divine and the behavior of soul is spirituality.

In fact, there is no existence of a human being separate from the soul. It is in the same way that there is no existence of a clay pot without soil. The pitcher is the form and the soil is its soul. In the same way, the soul is also paramount in the creatures. Every creature is engaged in continuous effort to find itself and to know the soul. It is only spirituality directly and indirectly.

How can the atheism be different from spirituality

Spirituality is related to the soul of the humans, it is not the process to become a follower of any religion. The nature of an atheist human is that they do not agree with itself without investigating any matter. In fact, the atheist man does not superstitious. This is due to consciousness. It’s an attempt to find itself. That’s why they are also spiritual by being an atheist, but not superstitious and keeps on trying to understand the ultimate truth. they try to find answers to the questions raised in their mind. They argue arguments. In fact, this is spiritualism. So how can the atheism be different from spiritualism?

What does human get from spirituality

Both spirituality and humanity are like two sides of a coin. Spirituality leads man to humanity and, humanity leads man to spiritualism. It teaches the person to be positive from negative and teaches the art of living life, teaches to subdue his senses. Spirituality helps to find the answers of the questions raised in the mind. The idea of good faith comes from spiritualism in human life. The conscious mind becomes awake. With the influence of spirituality, the human becomes free from the bonds of moh maya. In fact, the source of humanist ideas is spirituality. Without spirituality, this world will be like the forest where all the animals are thirsty for each other’s blood. It is spiritualism that makes humans superior to all creatures. Walking on the path of spirituality human achieves ultimate ecstasy.

There are three ways to clarify spiritualism: Dharma, Knowledge, and Yoga-Sadhana


Religion plays an important role in the form of the way of spiritualism, because the effect of religion starts from the birth of human beings. When a child is born in the family of a particular religion, then the family celebrates the happiness of the arrival of the newborn as per their religion. From this time the child starts to have an influence on religion. In the future, this religion effect will encourage the child to become religious and spiritual. Kid will follow the path of spirituality as a follower of a religion, and will get the spiritual knowledge, so you can understand religion as the first medium of spirituality.

But here one thing is very important that in the future it is also possible that this kid may use any other route (religion) and medium of spirituality. It will depend on the follower’s discretion and experience, but the lamp of the spiritual knowledge will be continue to spreads the lights of spirituality.


This is the instrument that makes a person prudent. It teaches differentiation between good and bad. Through knowledge, spirituality is realized. The ability to argue arguments comes. An inefficient person can not understand the importance of spirituality and turns away from the path of spirituality. The light of knowledge is the the way which you can use to see the divine, otherwise the man can wanders in the darkness of ignorance. Spirituality and religion are tested only by wisdom. Knowledge is the development of humanity and society. The salvation of all creatures of the whole world is the main purpose of the spirituality, along with humanity.


The originator of yoga philosophy Mahārishī Patanjali has defined yoga as ‘योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोध’ (the process of preventing the Instincts or activities of mind). The human can control, the lust, suffering, sinful deeds, avidya etc. through the yoga practice. A human can control mind and attitude. Through the yoga-Sadhna, Both methods visible and none-visible, are used to destroy the instincts of mind. After this, the way of spiritualism opens to humans.

Yoga practice is the true path to spiritualism. On this path, human beings reach the peak of spirituality easily. Spirituality and Yoga are very important in Sanatan Hindu culture. Actually, the basis of the Hindu religion is spiritual and yoga practice. In ancient Hindu scriptural texts there are many mentions of the Yogamunis, who, on the path of yoga meditation attained the knowledge of spirituality and becomes success to find the reality of God. For this reason, the holy land of India is known as the center of spirituality.

In ancient Indian spiritual texts, the description of eight limbs of yoga is found. These are the eight famous components of yoga as follows: Yama, Rama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Meditation and Samadhi. All these components are very important to understand spiritual knowledge.


Religion and Spirituality are the most important mediums for maintaining humanity in the world. Both of these are the main elements that control human behavior, prevent humans to become animals, maintains innocence. Otherwise, without religion and spirituality, all humans are like wild animals who live only in this Jungle to calm their physical hunger. Humanity is progressive and discriminative only through spiritualism and religion. Spirituality and religion inspire human beings to the welfare of society. In fact, religion and spirituality teach humans the art of living life.

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