Dharma definition-What is dharma and religion?

ReligionWhen it comes to knowing about Dharma, one common question in each person’s mind is that What is dharma definition? but most of the time the wise people of religion do not answer these questions in general and make the answer difficult. But the answer is a lot simpler.  Religion or dharm is the way to uncover the truth of God and spirituality and this is the way to live life. The Religion word comes from the Latin word religere. It is the combination of two words, re (back) and ligere (to bring or bind). That which binds the soul back to God and make the human life best.


Most scholars of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain believe that the definition of true religion in Western doctrines is unclear, whereas in Hindu Aryan scriptures, dharma definition and characteristic has been described. it is the root concept of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. To make moral life the best, the English word Religion implies this. But there is a view of the teachings of Hindu, Buddhist and Jainism that the word Dharma mentioned in Hinduism Shastras is very broad in comparison to English word religion.

Dharma word comes from the Sanskrit word Dhri (धृ) धातु. This means that it is the name of the power which always holds the whole world. “धर्मो विश्वस्य जगत प्रतिष्ठा”। That is, the status of the entire world remains due to Dharma. it may be a  dharma definition and a brief answer of the question, What is Dharma?

God Vishnu as the dharma definition, The symbol of Dharma Murthy  

In the Indian Aryan scriptures, Lord Vishnu is described as Dharma Murthy. His four hands are symbols of the four parts of Dharma. Those are like this, Dharm, Artha, Kama and Moksha. These four Parts belong to the four types of Varna system, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra and Brahmin. Therefore, according to Sanatana  Aryan scriptures, nothing in the world is beyond dharma. With these thoughts this side seems very strong that Dharma is the framework of a prosperous, firm, discriminative, sensitive, educated, safe, active society. Religion exists in our society in many forms, such as in the form of human duties, in the form of culture, formless and as reality, as spirituality etc.  So the Lord Vishnu himself has defined the dharma definition itself.

Dharma and Religion

Just like the Sanskrit word dharma is considered broad, so I consider the English word religion as a broader meaning. Yes it is true that Dharma is the oldest word in Indian scriptures with best dharma definition. But compared to this, it is not right to underestimate the broadness of word Religion. The sense of saving human from sin. A sense of moral life to make the best. In these two sentences, the meaning of the word Religion cannot be narrowed. I believe that both is full of deep meaning. Religion also seems to emphasize the idea of making society better like Dhamma. If seen, there is no shortage in the broadness of both words. The broadness of each religion depends on those people, who follow that religion with social welfare and best perspectives

The soul is the form of God

Religion illustrates the way for the realization of God. Religion satisfies deep internal longings in man and provides religious consolation, rest and peace. A time comes in the life of many of us, when simple worldly affluence does not satisfy us. We want something more. we take the path of religion, where tests and troubles of life turn our concentration into holy consolation.

Belief on God is the basis of religion. There is no difference between the soul and the divine. The soul is the form of God. God is the best form of the soul. The person who believes in the soul practices the belief and reaches the divine. According to the Bhagavad Gita dharma definition, those, who do not believe in the soul, they are possessive qualities. The person who believes in the soul is a person of divine qualities. On the basis of virtue religion, there are two types of humans. Those with divine qualities and demonic qualities. Theist and atheist.

How often the dharma definition varies with the thoughts and behavior of human beings

What is dharm of human? It depends on what types of quality affected the human being. Demonic or divine. Which human being is divine and demonic, and how much? finally It can estimate from the behavior and thoughts of that person. There is a continuous struggle between Atheist and Theist, Demonic and Divine qualities in every human being. Some times the effect of demonic qualities is greater. Some times the effects of divine qualities are high. Hence, man is never completely religious or non-religious. Due to the constant conflict between the divinity and demonic qualities of man, so he could not become completely religious or non-religious. In this struggle, if there is a victory over divine qualities, then it seems to be religious. Otherwise, non-religious with the influence of demonic qualities. This inside struggle is a continuous process. In this struggle man with triumphant divine virtues plays all the religion.

Dharma definition described in scriptures

  • आचारः परमोधर्मः श्रुत्युक्तः स्मार्त एव च । तस्माद अस्मिन् सदा युक्तो नित्यंस्यादात्मवान् द्विज ।। (Due to being supported by Shruti and Smriti, conduct is called the highest religion. Due to the behavioral followings, it has been called the supreme Dharma.)
  • आचरणहीनं न पुन्नति वेदा…….।। (According to Vashishta Dharmasutra,  the Vedas cannot sanctified the defective person  .)
  • The way, through which the Bhagavad Bhakti is the exclusive devotion and it is the same Dharma.
  • Man should get divine and the divine should feel. God should look directly and talk to him. That is the religion. A dharma definition of  Swami Vivekananda (My Guru Dev – Page-18)

The study of scriptures can be concluded that religion and dharma is the way to know and obtain God and humanity, This is the way of live life. There is currently a good list of religions (ways) in the world, while the traveler (follower) of the religion are trying to get divine on these routes. All of these paths come in the same light point at the end. In fact, this light point is the destination for all religious creatures.

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