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Where did Buddhism originate?

Buddhism is counted among the world’s greatest religions and it is a representative of a major ideology in particular religious sects. In today’s circumstances, Buddhism is the main religion that inspires to lead a life on the path of truth, which is fully believable and faithful. If anyone is attracted to this religion, then the question comes in his mind that, where did Buddhism originate? The answer to this question is as simple as Bodh dharma.

Lord Buddha was born on the pure land of India. When Siddhartha was young, the miseries scattered in society disturb his mind. While observing the circumstances of his time, After obtaining Sambhodhi (Element Knowledge) under the Bodhi tree. Bodhisattva came from Bodhgaya to Sarnath, where he made the first speech of Sambodhi in front of his five classical disciples. In which Buddha taught the teachings of ‘four noble truths’ and ‘Ashtangik Routes’ gave knowledge. This is the first discourse of Lord Buddha, which is Dharmachakra Paravartana. Bodh dharma originated with Buddha’s first discourse in Sarnath (India). So, it has becomes a people’s famous religion today.  Bodh dharma is still playing a leading role in the work of social welfare. even after 2500 years, It is so alive and practical.

Buddhism dharma chakra parivartana

Dharma chakra parivartana  

Buddhism has influenced the whole world. Even a wide area of ​​Asia, which includes countries like China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Burma, Thailand and Northeast India also Sri Lanka etc. In all these countries, its effect is incomparable.

Social situations of that time

Someone asked Lord Buddha “Who is Brahmin?” Lord Buddha answered. “Anyone who is righteous, who has eliminated his sins even desires and won himself, is only a Brahmin. There is no Brahmin due to birth in the family”. Brahminism had the major impact on Hinduism during the rise of Bodh dharma. The Sudra and the Dalit class could not participate in religious activities. They were considering less. Brahmin kept Shudras and Dalits away from religious rituals.

To avoid the influence of Brahminism. The lower class, afflicted and oppressed society saw a new religious route in the views of Mahatma Buddha. As a result, Bodh dharma became the religion of the dalits and the poor. So they found their interest in this religion only. Indeed, Buddhism was the result of the policy of discrimination against the superstitious and shudras spreading in Hinduism. For this reason, the popularity of Buddhism was at a fast pace. Where did Buddhism originate? It should be seen as a answer of this question. At that time the rich people of Hinduism were neglecting the general class. So as a result a new Buddhist religion emerged in the northeast of India.”

Bodh Dharma             “Where did Buddhism originate”

Buddhism- A Dharma for every class


Bodh dharma for everyone

Buddhism is the only dharma which does not appear to discriminate in any human being. This is the only religion that has adopted the oppressed and the victims. Since its inception, Buddhism has been doing good to all those people, who had been despised and reprimanded by the respected and wealthy people of the society, who had fired at one end of the society. These people were left dependent in the society only for the rich and the affluent, and they were living their lives in great adversity and misery. It was the ‘sadness’ of these people, which was distracting the Prince Siddhartha’s mind.

A person’s disgust towards the other person had made Prince Siddhartha’s heart unhappy. It was only the anguish of the neglected society, which inspired Prince Siddhartha to become a Mahatma Buddha, and he renounced everything and went out to find ways to overcome the misery of the unhappy people.

Hence, this is the only proper reason which is  inspire me to say that Bodh dharma is the beautiful Dharma sect, which is for the neglected, exploited and suffering class.

A brief conclusion- where did Buddhism originate?

Under my study, as a result, I think the social status of that time was in favor of Mahatma Buddha’s ideas. These situations played an important role in converting Buddha’s sect into religion. After Dharma chakra parvartana in Saranath Varanasi (India) Buddha’s small sect went huge. Which today is Buddhism.
where did Buddhism originate? So i tried my best to give the proper answer of this question in this post.

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