Buddha teachings and Bodh dharma or Buddhism elements

Buddha Teachings and Bodh dharma or Buddhism elements – The four noble truths, Eight noble paths, Three main elements, five criteria for life and three universal truths. these all are famous as the teachings of Buddhism.

Buddha Teachings

According to Bodh dharma, longing and attachment are the root cause of grief. Man tries to live a life of painful things as pleasurable. Human keeps running behind them. A person is filled with ego by attachment and then becomes goofy. At present, the only fault of humans is that they are leaving the path of truth and going on the path of untruth, taking more interest in pleasure and luxury. That is why the influence of the demonic qualities in the society is increasing. In order to protect the society from these demonic virtues, to bring the society on the path of religion, Lord Bodhisattva has given the highest importance to the four noble truths (Arya Satyas) and Eight best Routes (Arya Ashtangaik marg) under the Buddha teachings for the welfare of mankind.

The Four noble truths

To understand the Buddha teachings and Bodh dharma, the knowledge of the four noble truths is very important. After getting the knowledge of the four noble truths Shakyamuni was addressed as Buddh. Manifesting the four noble truths in front of the people through Bodhisattva is a sign of spiritual awakening (Buddhutva enlightenment)Buddha Teachings

Four noble truths of the Buddha Teachings are as follows: –

  1. Misery
  2. The causes of the suffering
  3. Liberation from sorrows
  4. The path of the remedy of misery ( The path of the salvation from the sorrow )

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You need to understand these truths here as the Buddha Teachings: –


The experience of the world tells us that misery is completely present here in this world. Whatever we understand the pleasurable in our life, it also produces sorrow. Take the example of riches that we understand that richness is a sign of happiness. The rich man is always full of happiness, but this assumption is not even more true than imagination. Consider. There is sorrow in earning money, there is sadness in raising money, there is sadness in protecting wealth, we keep our rupees in a bank-like institution etc. in the form of defense and increase. If that institution becomes bankrupt, then what kind of happiness get in such a situation? no. Therefore, after giving momentary pleasure any work finally become the cause of misery.

Buddha Teachings and Bodh dharma or Buddhism elements

The causes of the suffering

This is the second noble truth of the Buddha Teachings and Bodhidharma or Buddhism elements. There is also the reason for sorrow. The rise of grief is not the only reason, rather, there is a series of the reason for sorrow. This is said to be Nidan in Bodh dharma or Buddhism philosophy, these are twelve. These twelve Nidan have a systematic chain of causation, which relates to the present birth, from the future birth, and to the past birth. Starting with the first Nidan, we find the last Nidan of searching for the reason, which is ‘Avidya’.

Liberation from sorrows

If there is sorrow and there is a reason for it, then it is certain that the removal of these causes will also result in the sorrow of the human being finished automatically. The name of this third noble truth is Nirvana, which means absolutification or liberation from misery.

The path of the remedy of misery ( The path of the salvation from the sorrow )

It means this is the path to Nirvana. In the sight and perception of Bodhisattva, the same fact became known that living and enjoying life in luxury is as unfair and full of sorrows, in the same way, persecution of the body by fasting and fasting is also meaningless. That is why the fourth noble truth is a fully supportive medium to Nirvana. This path has eight parts, which is famous for the name of Arya Ashtangik Marga or Eight noble paths in the Buddha Teachings or Bodh dharma elements.

Eight noble paths  (Arya Ashtangika Marga) of Buddha Teachings and Bodh dharma elements

Buddha Teachings or Bodhidharma

Right Vision (Knowledge)

The Real knowledge of the four noble truths can become the path to peace in the world. This world is full of sorrow. I think, without a right vision, there will be sin, mischief, and quarrels in the world. The world will not get the peace. Therefore, the knowledge of all the Arya Satsya which is the right vision, it will establish the peace in the world, in the form of the Buddha Teachings and Bodh dharma elements.

Correct resolution

Instead of increasing the wealth and luxuries, we need to control the anger, violence, and libido. we need to leave their self-interests. It is the only right resolution of the happiness and peace of others.

Right Speech (language)

According to the Buddha Teachings. Do not use rude speech, never speak untrue, abandon the falsehood, and don’t slander anyone. These all are elements of right speech. False talks and false speeches have a bad effect on the social structure and this bad effect becomes the cause of quarrels. Therefore, a man should use his language and speech for the good of society.

Correct Actions

Work without devious behavior such as fornication, violence and theft is the right thing to do. This is the fourth best route given by Bodhisattva. He says that immoral acts such as stealing, adultery, deadly attempt build the miserable society. Humans should always stay away from these bad deeds. The work done by putting the goal of social welfare is the right work. the Buddha Teachings and  Bodh dharma elements

Right livelihood

Humans should never do the business of poison, liquor, meat, weapons etc. The selection of proper work should be taken keeping in mind the welfare of the society. Should try to run a livelihood by doing simple and pure business. living a life with Right livelihood is the best life.

Right efforts

There are four intellectual attempts as the Buddha Teachings and Bodh dharma elements.

  • Do not give the opportunity to yourself to generate bad thoughts.
  • Destroy bad thoughts coming to your mind.
  • Try to generate good ideas in mind.
  • Increasing the right thoughts in mind and try to take it to perfection.

These four intellectual attempts have been said by Bodhisattva as a proper effort.

Right memory

Keep awareness and reality in mind while doing any work, in reality, this body has filled with profane substance. To keep those disgusting things in control Humans should continue observing the pleasures, sorrows, sufferings, etc. in life Attempt to know the bonds of the senses and try to destroy those bonds. It is the true form of right memory.

The true Samadhi

Humans should concentrate on their mind and try to reach the ultimate point of meditation. The concentration of mind without love and hatred is the perfect samadhi. This is the best path given by the Bodhisattva. By adopting this path, intelligence emerges and Human gets the Nirvana, according to the Buddha Teachings and Bodh dharma.

Three main elements of  Buddha Teachings and Bodh dharma

  • Don’t do sins: – We should stay away from all kinds of sins. A small sin destroys human’s accumulated virtues.
  • Accumulation of virtues: – More and more virtues should be saved by a human while living their lives in the society.
  • Concentration: – With the concentration of mind, man becomes free from anger. It makes the human able to control his senses. concentration is very important to move forward on the path of religion, freedom from rage and control of the senses.

Five important criteria for a Buddhist life

Buddha Teachings

“According to the path of my holiness, there are five criteria for good life” Bodhisattva. Buddha Teachings and  Bodh dharma

  • Do not commit violence against any creature: – Bodhisattva was the strict supporter of non-violence. He always insisted that humans should never commit any kind of violence. He believed that all creatures in the world have the same right to live life. Whether it is small or big, whether weak or strong. Nobody has the right to violence with anyone.
  • Do not steal: – No matter how bad the situation is, no one should ever steal. This type of way makes the person helpless. we should always stay away from the feeling of theft.
  • Do not commit adultery: – Creating immoral relationships is a big sin. It always causes misery to society and family. Therefore, we should always stay away from adultery.
  • Never speak untrue: – We should never speak untrue. Humans should always follow the path of truth. There is no way better than truth for self-purpose. The path of truth is difficult but it gives peace to the mind. The path of truth leads man to the light from darkness. Therefore, the truth has been given supreme importance in all religions.
  • Do not accept intoxicant things: – Intoxicant is very dangerous for society. Due to this many evils arise in the society, which make the society impure. The addict can not use his discretion. People in the society see the drug addicts as inferior. Therefore, you should always stay away from the use of narcotic substances.

Three universal truths as the Buddha Teachings

  • There is anything lost in this universe: – It is the first universal truth that nothing in this universe ever goes missing. All was always present and will remain.
  • Everything changes: – This is the second universal truth that everything in the world changes and is constantly changing.
  • Law of cause and effect: – Which type of seed the farmer sows in the ground, he receives the same type of fruit. Similarly, man will do the which kind of work, he will get similar results. If you do good to someone, then you will get the good result. If you harm someone, the result will be your own loss. This simple but unbreakable truth is that the result of good actions is the result of good and bad deeds result always bad.


In the form of conclusions, it is clear that the objective of Bodh dharma is only the welfare of mankind. All the Buddha Teachings, whether it be four noble truths or elements of Eight noble paths (Arya Ashtangik Marg) and five criteria for life, the Buddha teachings are very important for the world welfare. These Buddha Teachings are the elements of Buddhism. In essence, these are the Buddha teachings which make the Bodh dharma great.

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