Buddha Purnima is the most sacred day of Buddhism


Buddha Purnima of Vaishakha month is the most Sacred day of the Buddhism because the Mahatma Buddha was born in Lumbini on this Day. Most of the Buddhist monks believe that Siddhartha Gautam attained the attainment of Buddhtva on the Buddha Purnima . According to the Buddhist texts ‘Maha Parinibbana Sutta’, Mahaparinirvana of Buddha was also done on the day of Purnima. This is the reason that the holy day of Buddha Purnima is the most sacred day for the Buddhists. It is also famous as the trividh anniversary.

Along with this, the Hindus also celebrate the day of Buddha Purnima. Some Hindus refer to the Buddha as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and worship him. In the resolution mantra of Hindu Dharma, Buddha is mention as incarnation.
Hindu Sankalp Mantra:
ऊँ विष्णु र्विष्णुर्विष्णु : श्रीमद् भगवतो महापुरुषस्य विष्णोराज्ञया प्रवर्त्तमानस्य अद्य श्री ब्रह्मणोऽह्नि द्वितीय परार्धे श्री श्वेत वाराह कल्पै वैवस्वत मन्वन्तरे अष्टाविंशतितमे युगे कलियुगे कलि प्रथमचरणे भूर्लोके जम्बूद्वीपे भारत वर्षे भरत खंडे आर्यावर्तान्तर्गतैकदेशे ग्रामे वा बौद्धावतारे (Buddha Avatar) विजय नाम संवत्सरे ……..

Whatever the truth about Buddha, but the whole world welcomes the teachings and ideas of Mahatma Buddha. This is the reason that the day of Buddha Purnima have celebrated with great reverence all over the world.

Mahatma Buddha’s life is full of exciting things and incidents. There are many fluctuations in his life until he became a Buddha from the home renunciation. Let us I am going to describe an incident of Buddha’s life below.

Buddha learn the lesson from the squirrel

During the period of the search of Buddhtva, a bad time came in the life of Prince Siddhartha when he feels frustrate and he started thinking about going back to his home Kapilavastu. He started thinking that his quest for knowledge of truth has become meaningless. During this time, when he became desperate and frustrated, he started going towards Kapilavastu, after the walking some distance his body felt tired and feeling very thirsty. Then he looked a small lake. When he reached the shore of the lake to quench his thirst, then there he looks a small squirrel. He saw that the squirrel went on the bank of the lake and soaked his tail in the water and twisted it out on the sand.

This type of squirrel attempt made him to think about what the squirrel is doing. Perhaps Squirrel is trying to dry the lake with his tail. If that’s it, it’s a squirrel’s futile attempt. So, this lake will never dry out with these types of attempts.

At the same time, Siddharth saw that squirrel is looking at him and wants to say something to him. He felt that squirrel wants to tell him that when a person resolved to do any work with a true mind, then the work can be completed by working constantly. Just for this, we should continue to do our work. Immediately after that, Siddhartha’s sleepiness got dissolved, and he felt the weakness of her mind. After this, he lamely back in the forest and got absorbed in penance and attained the wisdom through selfless continuous effort, and showed the true path of religion to the whole world in the form of Buddhism. Thus, during the desperation, a lesson given by a squirrel inspired Siddharth to become a Mahatma Buddha.

Nature of Buddha

Reconsider his decision by Buddha, it is actually a symbol of human nature. In fact this is also the nature of Buddha. This ideology of Buddha teaches two things mainly. First of all, we need to be understood that the failure and succes are the parts of our life. Humans must constantly strive for the success. Secondly, human beings can learn anytime in the life. Humans can get inspiration and learnings from anywhere. lesson can also be found in the biography of great personalities, and also from the life of an ordinary-looking creature like squirrel. It depends entirely on us, where, how we learn. We can take inspiration and learning from anyone’s in life. In the same way, Siddhartha learns the lesson from the squirrel and achieved the Buddhtva with constant effort.

Buddha says that any person in this world can attain the Buddhtva. He believes that there is a seed of Buddhtva inside all us. We can get it through our constant efforts and pure Karma.

Rahul Sankrityayan’s view about Buddha’s life and buddhist philosophy

The life and philosophy of Mahatma Buddha is influencing people for centuries. One of among them, the great philosopher of India ‘Rahul Sankrityan’ greatly influenced by the Mahatma Buddha’s life and philosophy. This was the reason that Rahul Sankrityan had become the follower of Buddhism during his lifetime. Through his research and books about the life of Buddha, he explains that he was greatly influenced by the two main points of Buddha’s life. First, Mahatma Buddha chose the path of Sanyasa to get the true wisdom.
But in contrast, he always said in his discourses and messages that humans can get true knowledge (Buddhtva) even after living in a domestic life. For this, they need to be keeps walking continue on his Karma path, even if circumstances are unfavorable or favorable. Ultimately, he will acquire true knowledge.

Karma path

Thus, if you look at Rahul Sankrityan’s view, it is clear that following the Karma path is the only experience of peace. To attain true knowledge, follow the karma path according to the superior consciousness is the right way to live a spiritual life. With follow the Karma path some questions arises. what kind of Karma you are going to do and to whom?
According to Mahatma Buddha, we should do all our work for the benefit of the society and country. The work should be like that you feel good and enjoy the experience while doing it. Rather the entire society and country also should be feels the joy. If you are experiencing bliss from your work, you will also get peace. If you do not experience peace from your work, then any religious path, religious philosophy and discourses are completely useless in this world. That is why Mahatma Buddha has given the message that be the lamp for himself (Apapa Deepo Bhav), in this message of Buddha, the essence of the Karma path is hidden.

After this, he describes the second thing that a human being can get the true knowledge through also the travel. Human benefits the individual, society and country through this way to find true knowledge. Mahatma Buddha traveled throughout his life for the benefits of humanity and societies. This is a complete truth about that the human travels more, then his attitude becomes more elaborate. Only then, he gets the true knowledge. The development of the entire humen race has happened in different stages of the social development journey. During this journey, humans crossing several stages to searches the true knowledge, this humen development journey is continuing and will be continue.

Always try to be Seer

One thing to remember about Mahatma Buddha is that he always insists on becoming a Seer. He believed that he himself is also a Seer. Let us make clear to you that here is the meaning of the Seer, ‘seeing the truth’. Buddha never wanted the society entangled in the philosophy. Crores of people in the society are not ready to become the seer because they visually impaired by the philosophical hypocrisy. If a person gets cheap principles, he will not want to search for the truth. Mahatma Buddha never advises to follow any philosophy in his discours, but he always warned those people who closed their eyes against true knowledge even when they have eyes. But they has the light of desire in there conscious mind. When such people came to Mahatma Buddha, he gave them the messages to follow the path of meditation.

Meditation after the freedom from thoughts

Meditation is the path that opens the inner eyes of a person. These people should never be covered the eyes with the dust of thoughts. The burden of ideas blurts the human eye. The person trapped in the trap of ideas can not see, what he should see. This is the reason that ‘freedom from thoughts’ is the first condition of meditation. Freedom from all kind of thoughts makes the process of Meditation easy.

Human emotions are very important to get the true knowledge

Due to the sacred human feelings like mercy, forgiveness, compassion, non-violence etc. helped the Mahatma Buddha to find the true knowledge. At the time of acquiring knowledge, expressions like love for humanity were at the peak inside Buddha. It is also true that within a day, humans can not arises these feeling, for this, the humans effort must be continue. The seeding of these types of human feeling should be done in the childhood.
Humans will have to awaken themselves through the knowledge. Must have to move towards good deeds. If every person contributes to the work for the country and the community some time, then the feeling of compassion and forgiveness will definitely arise in the human by this selfless service. These types of human beings have a feeling of love and respect towards their civilization and culture. They becomes kind because of compassion, love and respect for others creatures in their heart. Even if we have to change himself, then we should never stray, rather we should try to change ourselves. At present, the great monk Dalai Lama also believes that due to the compassion, love, forgiveness, mercy, non-violence, human emotions Siddhartha became the Buddha.

The life of Mahatma Buddha inspired the entire world to follow the path of Dharma. Inspired you to the welfare of society. His life guided the right way to realization of true knowledge. This is the reason why the sacred day of Buddha Purnima is very important for the whole world. It reminds us how Mahatma Buddha became the Buddha with his selfless continuous efforts for the society and achieves salvation by achieving true knowledge. You can get the inspiration from the life of Buddha and spread the light of spiritualism and knowledge into society. Finally, it is the essence of this article about Buddha Purnima and Buddha life.

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